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Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Machine

Standard Equipments
Model CRI-1
Size parts for one tube size and one filling product :
  • Tube holders of Aluminum / Nylon.
  • Pump unit stainless still for filling volume choose alternately any one
  1. 10 ml.
  2. 20 ml.
  3. 50 ml.
  • Relay electrical control system with Operating panel with Start ,Stop ,Inch.
  • 23 Ltrs. Container acid proof.
  • No tube , No fill device.
  • Blow off for local comp. Air.
  • Motor with variable speed.
  • One set of tools.
  • One set of first aid spares.
  • Color: Silver gray.
Sealing Methods ( Metal Tube )
  • Beam with folding station for metal tubes.
  • Closure type 1
Sealing Methods ( Plastic Tubes )
Heat sealing unit
P/1 Comprising
  1. Straight Rifles
  2. Oblique Rifles
  3. Plain
  • Temperature regulator for heating element.
  • Mechanical lifting for heating element.
Coding Device
  • Device for coding one side with 6 Figures Letter.
Extra And Optional Equipment
10 ml.
50 ml.
100 ml.
200 ml.
Complete extra pump unit in stainless steel. Filling nozzle for filling vol as above.
  • Paste stirring device with separate drive.
  • Jacketed container:-Acid proof with pipe connection heater & PT 100 thermostat & temperature controller.
  • Heat sealing attachment with element jaws.
Specification : Machine CRI-1
Speed 30 to 60 tubes / min.
Vol 5 ml. To 200 ml.
Tube size dia 12 min. to 35 max.
Tube size length 50 L min. to 200 L. max.
Power consumption 2.5 Kw. Max.
Size 1000 B X 1150 D X 1540 H
Net weight approximately 250 Kgs.
Gross weight approximately 475 Kgs.
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