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Hot Glue Roll Fed Labeling Machine
Generally characterized by benefits like reliable running roller, accurate labeling, perfect glue pattern and low glue consumption, this hot glue roll fed labeling machine comes with worldwide patent inner label cutting technology, making the machine structure and bottle changing really simple. With Nordson spray technology, the controllable glue nozzle accurately and directly sprays the hot glue to the leading and trailing edge of the label via a glue roller and has the labeling finished. The controlling and transporting system makes the labeling more flat and precise.
Specifications of Hot Glue Roll Fed Labeling Machine
Number of heads 6, 9, 12, 15,18,24,30, or customized
Rated productivity mm
Maximum productivity 3000-40,000 b/h
Pattern of container 110-120% of the rated productivity
Label size Various kinds of cylindrical and
square containers with a diameter of 50-120mm
Label consumption the maximum height is 220mm
Length of bottle conveyor < 0.5
Labeling quantity at one time 1900-4510mm
Voltage 4
Air pressure 380±10%V 50Hz
(can be customized upon request)
As a professional India hot glue roll fed labeling machine manufacturer and supplier, we can also offer you shrink labeling machine, cold glue labeling machine, hot glue pre- cut labeling machine and more labeling machines. These machines could be used as beverage labeling machines or bottle labeling machines.
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